2010 Clarksville Writers Conference

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Snapshots from the July 2010 writers conference. Please click on any thumbnail below.

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Student Art

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Art and drama students from Rossview, West Creek, Kenwood, Clarksville, and Montgomery Central high schools were honored last week as the Best of the Best of the 2009-2010 Customs House Museum Student Art Gallery exhibitors.

Sponsored by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Arts and Heritage Development Council, this month’s opening reception marked the culmination of the year-long series of exhibits and presentations with recognition of outstanding work from contributors to all four showcases.

Rossview High students of drama teacher Luellyn Wilcox took honors in the drama division. Van Riggins III, Lauren Leath, Kelley Poole and Kara Dixon were named theater all-stars of the series. Judges were so impressed with Ms. Wilcox’s enthusiasm in featuring her students’ work that they honored her as the Most Inspiring Theatre Teacher of the Year.

All-Star art students from West Creek High’s October exhibit were Lindsay Evetts, Nathanael Dickson, Gabriel Jose Valerio, Madison Callaway and Keanna Petteway. Mary Gail Russ is the instructor for these first-year art students.

Those selected as Best of the Best from Kenwood High’s December showcase were Youn Lee, Charlie Hobbs, Ashley Jefferson, Daniel Davenport and Amanda Dudley. Their work was done under the guidance of art instructor Leigh Averitt-Neperud.

Winners in Clarksville High’s February exhibit were Shawnie Flowers, Myli Lopez, Janie Kmetz, Shelby Dorobiala and Ashley McDonough. These students all entered work done in white pencil on black paper under the direction of art instructor Linda Elliott.

Montgomery Central students’ work will hang through the month of May. The Best of the Best selected from this show are Nikita Nicholson, Jesse DeWitt,  Emily Wilke, Corinna Adams, and Sydney Stanton. They are students of art instructors Mike Andrews and Debbie Harrison.

Austin Peay faculty Sally Welch and Dr. Sara Gotcher judged the theatrical productions, and Dr. Dixie Webb, dean of the APSU college of arts and letters, judged the visual art.

Dr. Anna Filippo, adjunct professor in the communication and theatre department at Austin Peay State University, coordinated the dramatic performances, and Dr. Jennifer Snyder, assistant professor of art education, oversaw the visual art exhibits.

After the Montgomery Central exhibit closes in June, the Best of the Best will be rehung for a special summer show.

The Austin Peay State University Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts furnished frames for the series.

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Public Art

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This sampling of artworks that enhance Clarksville’s landscape represents our beginning efforts to catalog public art in the city and county.  Please help us with this work by sending in photos and information on other works of art and by correcting any mistakes we have made in our descriptions.

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