Our Arts for Hearts program is designed to bring the healing power of art to community members who face economic, physical, developmental, or emotional barriers.

To that end, we have volunteer artists who conduct free, one- to three-hour workshops at the public library, community centers in low-income neighborhoods, on the nearby military base, in a downtown park, at the senior citizens center, at Centerstone Mental Health Center, and other locations where low-to-moderate income members of the community reside.

We offer four to six of these workshops every month. Running so many workshops with all volunteers is exhausting and time consuming, and we would like to be able to pay artists some minimal fee. We also furnish all supplies for each workshop so that our participants may take home finished pieces of art that they have created. Volunteers conduct more than 50 free workshops a year.

For more information about Arts for Hearts and to learn how you can support this valuable program, please visit the below website.